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United States

The 17 Millionth Bitcoin Is About to Be Mined: What It Means and Why It Matters (CoinDesk), Rated: AAA

Barring an unforeseen event, the 17 millionth bitcoin is likely to be mined in the coming day, data from Blockchain.info shows, a development that would mark yet another milestone for the world’s first cryptocurrency. That’s because as per bitcoin’s current rules, only 21 million bitcoin can ever be created.

Former CFTC Chair: Ethereum and Ripple Are Non-Compliant Securities (The Merkle), Rated: A

Ethereum’s Ether and Ripple’s XRP should be categorized as non-compliant securities, according to the former head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Gary Gensler. Bitcoin is exempt from this categorization, Gensler added in an interview with The New York Times.

Why Ether and Ripple — But Not Bitcoin — Prices Might Come Under Pressure Soon (TheStreet), Rated: AAA

As Bitcoin’s market price has begun to rise once again, so has continuing interest in other cryptocurrencies. But when it comes to options such as Ether and Ripple, recent events indicate that their prices could soon come under pressure in ways that Bitcoin investors won’t experience.

What makes Bitcoin different?

Despite Gensler’s tough assessment of Ether and Ripple, he didn’t offer the same condemnation toward Bitcoin. What was the difference? Some of the biggest factors include the fact that Bitcoin wasn’t first made available through an ICO, and that it is a truly decentralized currency.

Gemini Will Monitor its Bitcoin, Ethereum Markets Using Nasdaq Tech (CCN), Rated: AAA

Gemini, the Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a partnership with Nasdaq to use the latter’s technology to monitor all trading pairs of its crypto marketplace.

With the new agreement, Gemini will deploy Nasdaq’s surveillance technology, dubbed SMARTS, for increased oversight over its recently introduced block trading feature and all trading pairs including BTC/USD, ETH/USD and BTC/ETH, Gemini said in a statement on Wednesday.

CEO of NASDAQ Would Consider Offering Regulated Cryptocurrencies (CryptoSlate), Rated: A

The CEO of the NASDAQ, the second-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization, announced that it would consider adding cryptocurrency to its offerings alongside traditional securities.

“Over time when people are ready for a more regulated market and people are ready for a more fair experience for investors, certainly, the NASDAQ would consider becoming a crypto exchange.”

After Nasdaq CEO Blesses Cryptocurrency, Investors See Bigger Future For Bitcoin, Others (Forbes), Rated: AAA

“I believe that digital currencies will continue to persist…it’s just a matter of how long it will take for that space to mature,” Friedman said on CBNC today.

Freidman’s comments are not to be taken to mean that Nasdaq has a cryptocurrency exchange mechanism in the works. It does not. It does, however, have a Bitcoin futures contract in the works.

“If you were to rank interest in cryptocurrency on a scale of zero to 10, Friedman would be a six,” says Eric Ervin, CEO of Reality Shares. “She would help get the SEC comfortable with cryptocurrency trading. She would not passively wait for them to get on board,” he says. “If the SEC wanted her opinion, she would give it a thumbs up.”

Ethereum as a New America (Hackernoon), Rated: AAA

97% of our today money is being created by private banks. Bankers are the king of our today economy and they rule it in a way that maximizes their interests not in the interests of society as a whole.

Fortunately we are not limited to choose between “the rule of banks”and “the rule of governments” anymore. Blockchain enables us to replace these old inefficient approaches by “the rule of law”!

Blockchain makes us able to write simple, clear, and comprehensive monetary laws as smart contracts. These smart contracts provide the clear response to the important questions each monetary policy should answer, like:

  • How much money should be created?
  • Who should this new money be created for?

AMD: Cryptocurrency-related revenue rose in first quarter, but headed for decline (MarketWatch), Rated: AAA

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD, +11.84% believes that a greater percentage of its graphics revenue came from cryptocurrency mining in the first quarter. In a conference call after the chip maker released first-quarter earnings, Chief Financial Officer Devinder Kumar revealed that blockchain-related revenue was about 10% of AMD revenue in the quarter. Kumar did say that AMD expected a “modest decline” in blockchain-related revenue in the current quarter, and said that has been factored into the company’s second-quarter guidance, which beat expectations. AMD stock got an extra boost during Wednesday’s call, with an 8% gain jumping to more than 11%.

Amazon, Walmart And Recording Artist Pitbull: The Big Names With New Blockchain Projects (PYMNTS), Rated: A

54 percent of SMBs said they are either evaluating, using or planning to use blockchain, saying it is beneficial to their business, but not necessary.

Reports in CNBC this week said Pitbull announced the launch of Smackathon, a blockchain coding competition encouraging coders to use Ethereum to address challenges in the music industry.

Nix the C-suite, soon blockchain will let armies of free agents run companies (CNBC), Rated: AAA

The days of full-time employment and long-term job stability are coming to an end. Nasdaq estimates that 43 percent of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers by 2020, part of a growing gig economy of project-based jobs. This raises a lot of concerns about the future of work, especially when there is also the threat of A.I. and robots replacing workers.

The future of work gets really interesting when you think about decentralization and trust inside of organizations. Instead of having a CEO and a board that make all of the big, difficult decisions (which yields them excessive power and salary), these decisions will be made collectively by an organization’s members. It is as if everyone has the right to vote on an entire set of managerial decisions on a daily basis.

NC regulators ban another cryptocurrency exchange (Biz Journals), Rated: A

For the second time this month, state regulators have permanently banned a foreign cryptocurrency business from conducting its purported “scheme” in North Carolina.

This time it’s the entity known as Power Mining Pool, the subject of a temporary cease-and-desist order in March. That order was upgraded to permanent April 19. The company’s website hasn’t been in operation since soon after the North Carolina Secretary of State published its temporary order March 2, according to regulators.

Security Officials Weigh In On Protecting Cryptocurrencies Following MyEtherWallet Hack (Forbes), Rated: A

“With cryptocurrencies, even when the underlying blockchain technologies are secure, there are still risks if the supporting technologies have security vulnerabilities or issues. For example, if there are security issues in cryptocurrency wallets or exchanges, these can be an avenue for an attacker to disrupt or exploit,” Steve Grobman, SVP and CTO of McAfee, one of the world’s largest dedicated security companies, told me last week during the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Digital Currency Group Adds Zcash Offshoot ZenCash to Crypto Investment List (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Digital Currency Group has added ZenCash, a little-known, privacy-focused coin, to its “conviction list” of cryptocurrencies. The other coins on the list are bitcoin, ethereum classic, zcash and Decentraland.

Spend Your Cryptocurrency with ilmatic Wrist Wallet (BTCManager), Rated: A

ilmatic is building a secure, wearable, hardware wallet to put cryptocurrency on your wrist.

The device contains a NFC chip to make wireless transactions and a secure element microcontroller to protect the user’s private keys.

Is the U.S. headed toward a cashless economy through blockchain? (ComputerWorld), Rated: AAA

A former Federal Reserve executive believes it’s only a matter of time before central banks adopt a form of digital currency that could look like bitcoin, and will offer a more convenient and anonymous way for businesses and consumers to buy and sell goods and store wealth.

The advent of a government-backed, peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency would likely be based on a blockchain-based electronic ledger, and it could signal the beginning of a cashless economy, not unlike what’s occurring today in Sweden. It also may simply complement the modern-day current cash-based system.


3 Reasons a new Stellar rally might be just around the corner (Global Coin Report), Rated: A

Stellar Inflation Pool

The distribution of the Lumens is done free of charge requiring the account holder to only have Lumens in their account. You can Join an XLM Inflation Pool by using various wallets that are partnering with Stellar. With such a community-friendly thing going on, we can only except the good things to happen with this coin.

Lobstr Wallet

After joining and setting up a wallet account and depositing Lumens, users will be able to send and receive different digital coins on the platform.

Repo Coin Airdrop

The Repo Coin is a platform that uses XLM protocol for token operation as a substitute of the traditional ERC20. The main aim of Repo Coin is to solve issues relating to non-payment and insecurities by debtors towards lending companies with the aid of technology and business solutions. Like the XLM program, account holders need to have a minimum of 3 XLM in their wallets (not at an exchange, though) to qualify to participate in the airdrop. By participating, it sets them to get $100 worth of Repo digital coin.

Compliant Airdrops Are Here: CoinList to Offer Investors Free Crypto Giveaways (CoinDesk), Rated: A

But with the launch of a new product Wednesday, CoinList, an initial coin offering (ICO) facilitator spun out of the renowned startup incubator AngelList, is looking to streamline the process of airdrops in a way that doesn’t run afoul with the law.

Aptly named Airdrops, the product runs users through compliance checks and attestations so that a token issuer can give CoinList’s users free tokens. On top of that, if the issuer is looking for users that meet certain criteria (be it a profession or location), they can verify that users actually fit those backgrounds.

Security Innovation Releases Free Blockchain CTF Platform For Smart Contract Security (GlobeNewswire), Rated: A

Security Innovation, a pioneer in software security assessment and training, today announced Blockchain CTF – a first-of-its kind platform for Smart Contracts.  It is being released as a free resource open to all members of the security industry, including developers, IT security professionals and Blockchain experts.  The interactive “learn by doing” platform leverages the company’s expertise in delivering realistic simulation training like its CMD+CTRL Cyber Range that accelerates security skills development.

Big Business Goes ‘Crypto’, But Will ICOs Grasp A New Era Of Legitimacy? (Forbes), Rated: A

Indeed, almost 9 in 10 (87%) of the technology professionals canvassed in this survey believed that blockchain technology will be as transformative for business as the Internet has been. Some two-thirds of those who responded revealed that they have trialled or are using blockchain technology. And, despite nearly half of those who responded to questions not yet having worked with the technology, they indicated they intended to do so over next two years.

In Illinois, blockchain startups seek to work with utilities on grid software (Energy News), Rated: A

Revolutionary rhetoric around blockchain’s potential to make traditional utilities obsoletehas fostered tense relationships in the energy world. Startup companies boasting about wanting to democratize the electric grid with peer-to-peer software haven’t been welcomed everywhere by the monopoly firms that have managed the system for nearly a century.

In Illinois, though, a less-antagonistic dynamic is emerging, with blockchain companies courting collaboration with the state’s largest utilities.



A leaky Mongo database exposed personal information, including scanned passports and driver’s licenses, of 25,000 investors and potential investors tied to the Bezop cryptocurrency, according to researchers.

SaftLaunch ICO Platform Rebrands as RenGen Labs (Crowdfund Insider), Rated: B

SaftLaunch, an initial coin offering launch platform, has rebranded and relaunched as RenGen Labs.

Junseth’s World Episode 33: The Problem With Acid (Bitsonline), Rated: B

So much promised, so little delivered. No were not talking about this week’s podcast episode but 21.com, which was recently acquired by Coinbase. Whatever became of that company, with its $110 million in venture funding and plans to revolutionize bitcoin/IoT use by the masses? Listen to this week’s Junseth’s World to find out.


Exchanges Suspend ERC20 Token Deposits After Discovery of Smart Contract Bug (Bitcoin.com), Rated: AAA

Earlier this year researchers claimed to have found 34,000 ethereum smart contracts that are vulnerable to bugs and a blog postauthored this week has zeroed in on one in particular: a batch overflow bug that affects ERC20 smart contracts. Its discovery is serious enough to have prompted Okex to announce the suspension of ERC20 token deposits.

One of the tokens affected is Smartmesh (SMT), an ERC20 that is tradeable on Huobi, Gate.io, Hitbtc, and Okex. Its smart contractcurrently shows signs of blatant exploitation, with a token balance and token value that run to over 30 figures. Hundreds of billions of SMT have been transferred from the Smartmesh smart contract in the past 24 hours.

Source: Bitcoin.com

Two Big Crypto Startups Are Out to Build One Universal Wallet (CoinDesk), Rated: AAA

Announced Wednesday, decentralized internet startup Blockstack (through its venture capital fund, the Blockstack Signature Fund) and exchange platform ShapeShift are jointly offering a $50,000 bounty to the team or developer that makes the best open-source “universal” crypto wallet.

Ripple Grows Its Global Payments Network With Five New xVia Customers (BusinessWire), Rated: AAA

Ripple, the enterprise blockchain solution for global payments, is announcing that five new customers across Europe and Asia – FairFX (U.K.), RationalFX (U.K.), Exchange4Free (U.K.), UniPAY (Georgia), and MoneyMatch (Malaysia) – will use xVia to power frictionless payments over RippleNet.

82% of Institutional Crypto Investors Believe Bitcoin Price Has Bottomed (CCN), Rated: AAA

That’s according to an informal survey conducted by Wall Street strategist Fundstrat Global Advisors, who administered it at a recent lunch attended by institutional cryptocurrency investors.

The survey found that 82 percent of investors believe that the Bitcoin price has bottomed and 53 percent believe it will end the year between $10,000 and $20,000. Another 41 percent anticipate that it will trade between $20,000 and $30,000 at the end of 2018, while six percent predict it will ring in the new year above $30,000.

institutional investors
Source: https://twitter.com/fundstrat/status/988817606604881920/photo/1

Central Bankers Can’t Agree on Cryptocurrencies (Bloomberg), Rated: AAA

Central bankers generally agree with one another that privately issued cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum aren’t set to replace  traditional currencies. This consensus was well-summarized in the recent IMF “Global Financial Stability Report,” which noted how cryptocurrencies are still far from fulfilling the three text-book functions of money.

But the central banker consensus breaks down when it comes to how to regulate cryptocurrencies. In a new paper for the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution, Eswar Prasad, a professor of economics at Cornell University, has offered an extensive list of the many ways in which regulators have approached the Bitcoin question. This ranges from the United States, where the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has taken a more laissez-faire approach by classifying cryptocurrencies as commodities, to China, where the People’s Bank of China has banned all cryptocurrency trading.

Read the full Brookings paper here.

A Software Bug in Ethereum Tokens Is Helping Halt the Crypto Rally (Bloomberg), Rated: A

There’s a bug in some ERC20 tokens (those based on the Ethereum network). A researcher in a post on Medium alleged “more than a dozen” are susceptible. ERC20 tokens make up about 90 percent of the $53 billion token market, according to data by CoinMarketCap. In response, at least two exchanges, Poloniex and OKEx, temporarily suspended ERC20 token deposits. The service is back up on Poloniex.

4 Primary Reasons Why ICOs Fail (Hackernoon), Rated: A

1. Inadequate Product market:

About 60% of ICO fail at the initial stage because their services or products does not have any value and demand in the market. So, it is very important that before you launch and announce an ICO, make sure that it has an audience who has need of your offering.

2. Failure to create the brand identity:

This includes every element of websites like content, logo, visuals, fonts, ICO white paper, and selection of colors etc. The people will question your brand if they find your website unprofessional.

3. Unrealistic objectives and budgets:

The higher you set your objectives, the more budget you will need to achieve those objectives and so is the need to spend on the marketing, PR, development, design, and content. So, to avoid this, make sure that the objectives of your offering should match the scope of your project.

4. Lack of audit, reporting, and measurement:

Majority of ICO which has failed was launched by newcomers who have very limited knowledge of the online marketing techniques and do not understand the need for continuous auditing, measurement and reporting to improve their ICOs.

3 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Crypto (Hade Platform), Rated: A

I personally consider available supply as the most important thing when considering a crypto investment. Taking a look at the range of coins in the market, cryptocurrencies that have a small available supply have higher prices.

Bitcoin, for instance, has an available supply of 17 million, a market capitalization of $156,999,558,023 and a current price of $9000.

Currently, the available supply of Ethereum (ETH) is 99 million, and the Market cap of Ripple (XRP) is $35 billion. Assuming the 99 million available supply of Ether (ETH) is the available supply of Ripple (XRP), dividing the $35 billion market cap of Ripple (XRP) by the assumed 99 million available supply would have ripple trading at $354. This explains why some coins rise very fast in market cap but stay below a dollar.

Mobile Coin announcement is a big deal for Stellar Lumens (CryptoRecorder), Rated: A

So why is it such a big deal that it will be using the Stellar Consensus Protocol? Well, for starters, the fact that this crypto is using SCP means that Stellar will be the bridge for people converting Mobile Coin to fiat currency and vice versa, once Mobile Coin gets adopted. In essence, the moment Mobile coin gets integrated into some of the world’s largest chatting platforms such as WhatsApp, it will be a jackpot for Stellar Lumens (XLM).

It took the internet two months to crack this puzzle game (and win 1 Bitcoin) (The Next Web), Rated: A

Someone has solved MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma – the viral cryptocurrency puzzle game that promised to reward the first player who solves its 24 “enigmas” with one Bitcoin.

Two months after premiering on Steam on February 20, creators Corentin Derbré and Scott Piriou have announcedthat a “fierce team” of eight players cracked the MonteCrypto mystery yesterday on April 24. The team has also claimed “the spoils of their victory” in the form of 1 BTC.

Bitcoin’ was the 9th most read article on Wikipedia in 2017 (The Next Web), Rated: A

The 2017 edition of the annual ‘Top 50 Report’ of Wikipedia shows that Bitcoin was the ninth most-read article on the digital encyclopedia for last year.

Bitcoin’s article got a total of over 15 million views, less than a million short of the views for the entry on the US.

The list shows that Bitcoin got 1 million more views than Wonder Woman, 2.6 million more than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and 2 million more than Elon Musk.

Barclays, Goldman Champion ISDA Standard for Blockchain Derivatives (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Now, the financial world’s blockchain evangelists are pinning their hopes on a broader industry effort to harmonize the way data is presented and reported, regardless of the platform used. Known as the common domain model (CDM), it was proposed by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) in May of last year and has the support of blockchain tech startups such as R3 and Axoni.

Blockchain Is Reestablishing Trust In Nonprofits (Forbes), Rated: A

The distributed aspect of blockchain enables global organizations to be more efficient. For example, the UN World Food Program (WFP) was able to use blockchain to make cash-based transfers to organizations who are supporting Syrian refugeesAccording to Robert Opp, WFP’s director of innovation and change management, “blockchain technology allows us to step up the fight against hunger.” Through this program, the UN can cut costs, control financial risks such as fraud and respond more quickly to emergencies.

GiveTrack takes donations for projects in Bitcoin and connects the financial information with the results of a project that are actively communicated by the nonprofit.

Hyperledger Continues Strong Momentum with 13 New Members (PR Newswire), Rated: B

Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, announced today 13 new diverse members from healthcare, to finance, to technology joined the project. A global collaboration hosted by The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger now includes more than 230 organizations.

The latest general members to join are: Beijing Proinsight Technology, CAREiQ, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Pte Ltd., Eden Partners, Ehave, Inc. (OTCQB: EHVVF), Equidato Technologies AG/SophiaTX, Globlue Technologies, InformAmuse S.r.l., IPCHAIN Association, Paramount Software Solutions Inc. and Till Payments.

European Union

Spanish BBVA Becomes First Global Bank To Issue Loan Using Blockchain (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) became the first global bank to issue a loan using Blockchain technology, FT reports April 25.

Interview with Bitnation founder: A platform for Governance 2.0 (Crypto Insider), Rated: A

Bitnation is labelled as Governance 2.0, or more specifically “the world’s first Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN)”.

2. Authorities in the space believe that cryptocurrencies can co-exist with alongside legacy financial institutions. Do you believe it’s the same case for Bitnation and centralized legacy forms of governance?

Many early users are using Bitnation to fill the gaps where their territorial nation cannot be of much help – say making an agreement to work online across national borders, or for those working in the informal economy, or stateless people who have no access to legal protections, or where some of the ways they want to live their lives are made illegal, like gay marriage in some countries, for example, and they want a secure jurisdiction in which to make a contract. We have also been approached by several nation states and local authorities who recognise that p2p governance service provision may save them a lot of money, and make services less monolithic and much more responsive and efficient.

3. Related to the previous question, some would say that Bitnation is only effective insofar as it is recognized by “legitimate” authorities in the regulatory and governance space. What would you and the Bitnation team say about this? 

Many existing states want to work with Bitnation. In recent days we have been approached by Kerala District in Deccan, India, and by the Ukrainian Association of Manufacturers to help their local and national authorities benefit from p2p governance technologies. We are advising the EU Observatory and Forum on Blockchain, and have advised Canada and of course collaborated with Estonia’s e-Residency Department to build our Public Notary in the past.

HARD FORK ICO (The Next Web), Rated: A

TNW has been at the forefront of reporting on blockchain and cryptocurrency for the best part of a decade – so we felt it was about time we made things more official by giving it a name. To celebrate the launch of our blockchain and crypto-only brand Hard Fork, we’re introducing our very own ICO. No, we aren’t launching a coin: this is an Initial Crowd Offering.

When you buy an ICO Pass for TNW Conference, we’ll pool 50% of the proceeds and invest that into cryptocurrencies using the eToro platform. On July 31st all positions are closed and we’ll split the profit with ICO ticket holders (50/50). What happens when the value of the portfolio has a negative return? Well, that risk is on TNW. Only upside, no downside.


The Dutch government and authority on financial markets AFM must come up with guidelines for ICOs if they want to keep developments in this technology in the Netherlands, Jan Robert Schutte, Amsterdam-based CEO of CryptoAcademy and ICO adviser, said at the Black Sea Blockchain Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia on Wednesday.

How Crypterium could enable to you pay for your coffee with cryptocurrency (Tech Republic), Rated: A

Patterson: So if I understand you correctly, much like how a bank will put the money … When you put the money in the bank, it goes into the float and the bank is able to make money from the interest and you are able to spend your cash. Is that a reasonable analogy for what you are doing with cryptocurrency?

Kimm: No, not really. Because we can’t … unlike a traditional bank … A traditional bank, once you put your money into the count, you know it’s a digital number and they can do what the hell they like with it. They can lend it to someone else, they can do all sorts with it. Well, when you put your money inside our crypto wallet or any crypto wallet, nobody has access to that except you. However, we are happy to have a second sort of relationship with you that says, “If you’d like to spend some of that, we’ll facilitate it.” And we can’t touch that money in any shape or form unless you go to Starbucks or wherever and say, “I’d like to spend $10 please.” And when that happens, we use the block chain to put a digital marker inside your wallet that says, “No problem. We’ll pay Starbucks $10 for you, but you now, out of that digital wallet, have to give us $10 worth of bitcoin.” And we do that transaction as a separate transaction.


The two licenses have been issued by the Government of Estonia as World Bit Bank is registered in the European Union. The first one  – Providing a virtual currency wallet service – entitles the World Bit Bank project to legally issue its Wibcoin (WBB) token and exchange it for any other cryptocurrency (in this case, Ethereum).

The license is publicly available on the official website of the Estonian Ministry of Justice and Communication.

The second one – Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency – entitles the World Bank Bank crypto bank project to exchange any cryptocurrency for any cryptocurrency in any exchange and any currency (for example, dollars, euros, francs, etc).

United Kingdom

Most Respectable Companies to Buy or Sell Bitcoin in UK (Use the Bitcoin), Rated: AAA

To save you some time now, and any frustration later – we have come up with a list of Bitcoin companies in the UK that are worth trusting. The following are some of the most reputable UK bitcoin companies to buy or sell bitcoin.

Coinbase has signed up over 30,000,000 users that include 75,000 merchants and developer apps of about 15,000 in number.

Vaultoro facilitates trading physical gold and bitcoin. No banking fees are involved when buying or selling via Vaultoro, and at the same time, transactions are completed just in seconds.

Talking about blockchain.info, the company has performed over 100 million transactions of bitcoin from more than 140 countries, of which there are 160,000 transactions taking place on a daily basis.

Cryptopay is a service as it can be used in transferring, exchanging, purchasing as well as selling bitcoin.

With cryptopay, you can make ATM withdrawals using the debit card all in local currency. Another exciting feature here is that withdrawals and deposits are all free with only a 1% charge fee for the conversion from or to BTC.


Binance Exchange Denies Sequoia Allegation of Exclusivity Breach (CoinDesk), Rated: AAA

Zhao Changpeng, the founder of Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, has denied an allegation that he breached an exclusivity agreement with a noted VC firm while negotiating over a potential investment.

China’s Official Gov’t Auditor Considers Blockchain To Streamline Data Infrastructure (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

The National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China is considering a Blockchain solution to address the problem of what it describes as the “endless cycle of data storage and management” for its current infrastructure, according to an announcement published on its website Apr 24.


The token of what is now the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange has gained almost 75% since January 1, far outpacing extant assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Labrys ICO: Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology For FinTech? (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: A

Australian FinTech startup Labrys specializes in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to improve the performance, security, and efficiency of various financial markets. The company is on a mission to establish a collaboration platform with financial and technology institutions in order to make the financial industry and financial markets more inclusive, fair, and nurturing to new ideas.

The Labrys Platform is essentially a multi-layered architecture of distributed ledgers, redundant data stores, and enterprise services which, together, deliver a high performance, highly secure, and very scalable financial services that all the involved parties can trust. Labrys’ platform aims to revolutionize how bonds are invested, thereby disrupting a market that everyone at some point thought would be impossible to simplify.


How South Korea’s Largest Exchange Plans to Allow Millions to Use Cryptocurrency (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

Bithumb, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is on a mission to drastically improve the adoption of digital currencies in the country and evolve into a bank-like business to ensure its users can use cryptocurrencies with ease, like cash.

Kiosks, ATMs, and Major Integrations

In 2018, within a four-month period, Bithumb has secured partnerships with the country’s third largest e-commerce platform, WeMakePrice, and the biggest local hotel booking platform, Yeogi Eottae. Both platforms are expected to integrate all 13 cryptocurrencies listed on the Bithumb cryptocurrency trading platform such as ICON, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash within the year.

Bitcoin ATMs

Coinplug withdrew its Bitcoin ATMs from two locations in Seoul due to lack of demand for the ATMs and the high cost of operating the machines. One of the two Coinplug Bitcoin ATMs was located in Cafe Sedona in Coex, the largest mall in Seoul. The cafe gained popularity amongst local cryptocurrency enthusiasts and eventually began to host Bitcoin meetups and conferences due to the presence of the Bitcoin ATM.

Korea M&A Center launches ESC LOCK service to protect ICO investors (Business Insider), Rated: A

On the 23rd, the Korea M&A Center announced the launch of the ‘ESC LOCK’ (www.esc-lock.com) service, an ICO investment model equipped with an investor protection device. ESC LOCK combines the escrow system used in financial markets such as e-commerce, together with ICOs, to create a model that ‘locks’ the investments of investors and the cryptocurrency issued by ICO companies.


Security Firms Offer Protection for Crypto Traders in Moscow (Bitcoin.com), Rated: AAA

Several security companies in the Russian capital are now offering protection services to people trading cryptocurrencies offline. Deals often take place right on the street and involve crypto transactions through mobile or hard wallets and cash transfers. Virtual and fiat funds are often lost by a crypto user falling victim to modern day criminals.


Vancouver Police Push Government to Enforce KYC/AML Laws with Cryptocurrencies (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

Police in Metro Vancouver saw a 350% increase in filings related to cryptocurrencyfrom 2016 to 2017. As of January this year, the agency investigated 70 files, calculating a potential for 800 cases by the end of year — a 300% increase over 2017.

According to Coin ATM Radar there are 63 Bitcoin ATMs in Metro Vancouver.

Aion launches first public blockchain network (TechCrunch), Rated: A

If you believe blockchains will proliferate in the coming years, it stands to reason that you will need some sort of mechanism to move information between them — a network of blockchains with bridges and processes for sharing information between entities. That is exactly what The Aion Network is providing with a new blockchain network released today.

The company wants to be the underlying infrastructure for a network of blockchains in a similar way that TCP/IP drove the proliferation of the internet.


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