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crypto mining top level domains
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Coinbase Commerce API launches for merchants to accept cryptocurrency (Cryptoninjas), Rated: AAA

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange company Coinbase has announced the live launch of the Coinbase Commerce API for accepting cryptocurrencies. The Commerce API makes it accessible for merchants to integrate cryptocurrency payments straight into their e-commerce solution.

Coinbase launches dynamically generated payment buttons (AMBCrypto), Rated: A

The Coinbase Commerce API can be used to dynamically create charges. When a charge is created, APIs generate payment addresses on the users’ behalf for each cryptocurrency that is enabled and provide the user with a hosted page that they can send to customers to complete the payment.

The Dow Jones of Cryptocurrency is Here Thanks to Coinbase (Disruptor Daily), Rated: A

The Coinbase Index Fund will be able to serve a similar purpose to the Dow Jones in that it can show fluctuations and trends within the crypto market by tracking some of the most successful cryptocurrencies to date. The index fund will be weighted by market cap and built using the Coinbase index. President of Coinbase, Asiff Hirji, has called this information the “benchmark data for crypto.”

The Coinbase Index Fund will be of great benefit to individual investors, especially those who are new to the cryptocurrency scene. However, the index fund will only be available to accredited US investors. These investors must also offer a minimum $10k investment.

Coinbase snags a former New York Stock Exchange exec to push crypto to Wall Street (Business Insider), Rated: B

Christine Sandler, former global head of sales for NYSE Euronext, has joined Coinbase as its director of institutional sales, people familiar with the situation told Business Insider.


Litecoin surges after the CEO of crypto startup explains why it’s moving away from bitcoin for smart contracts (Business Insider), Rated: AAA

Litecoin rose as much as 15% Tuesday after Abra, a high-profile crypto startup backed by American Express, doubled down on its decision to use litecoin’s smart contracts feature to power the company’s exchange and wallet products.

Source: Markets Insider


What Is Digital Inheritance And The Future Of Your Assets After Death? (Forbes), Rated: AAA

Imagine you get hit by a bus tomorrow and die, what would happen to all your digital assets? I’m talking your online accounts, including banking information, social media passwords, and stock portfolio information. Now, add your cryptocurrency–your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and other purchases, alongside access to your private keys and digital wallet? Do your loved ones or other heirs have the right to possess and own these accounts?

Securing Assets In The Blockchain

Since the blockchain has emerged, this provides a new alternative to securing and encrypting one’s digital assets. You could basically take your entire safe’s worth of accounts, combine them into one file, and encrypt them with a private key on the blockchain. The next step is ensuring that your loved ones or legacies have the ability to access them after your passing.

Taxing Every Bitcoin Purchase May Backfire for the IRS (Smartereum), Rated: A

One example is when China started to inspect regulated exchanges early last year. They believed that these exchanges might be shut down. Buyers moved to Localbitcoins, and their volume increased by 3,600% in a month. By making an effort to track and control bitcoin investment, the government drove them to a harder platform to surveil.

The IRS has begun taxation of bitcoin, and this has produced a similar result.

Not Sure Utility Tokens Make Sense, Says Blockchain Capital’s Jimmy Song (Forbes), Rated: A

Song: I’ve been a developer for 20 years, so back then I had 15 years of developer experience. I looked at the bitcoin and tried to buy it with PayPal or something and you couldn’t do it, it was nearly impossible. The only place you could buy it at the time was Mt. Gox. It got too annoying to do so I just said forget about it. I did end up investing later that year through Mt. Gox. It was very annoying but I finally felt like I had to do it.

Barzilay: You recently joined Blockchain Capital, what is your role there?

Song: I’m not as involved in the investing decisions yet, I’m more involved in the sort of technical due diligence starting the labs project, so to date I haven’t really invested in my ICO’s and it’s in large part because I’m not sure the business model necessarily makes sense, at least for utility tokens. Equity tokens I can kind of see the argument for because you want to give liquidity to the people that own it and this might be a decent way to do it. For utility tokens it’s something that I’m not sure I really have seen a good use case where it’s actually worked .

Interview with BANCA ICO; Wall Street on the Blockchain (cryptovest), Rated: A

We are a team of veterans from Wall Street and Silicon Valley trying out a new type of investment banking community. We use blockchain technology facilitated by Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) to rebuild the traditional investment banking system.

Banca is a decentralized, intelligent investment banking community.

In order to eliminate the moral hazards associated with the centralized management of traditional investment banks, we have based the business protocol, trust mechanism, and reward system on blockchain technology. The Banca community will utilize AI and smart contracts to achieve automatic management. Since blockchain technology ensures the incorruptibility of data and smart contracts provide automation of transactions, the system can be considered highly credible, while execution and compliance costs are greatly reduced.

Spare Change Investment in Cryptocurrency App Coinseed Raises $ 1 Million Through ICO (Bitcoin.com), Rated: A

Cryptocurrency investment startup Coinseed, announced that it had raised $1 million in the first 12 hours of its ICO. They also recently announced their global release of their mobile app – that lets its users invest their spare change in user-created cryptocurrency portfolios.

Lightning Is Being Attacked for Its Own Good (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Around the same time, a handful of developers reported lightning nodes crashing, temporarily stopping them from sending payments using the technology designed for faster, cheaper bitcoin transactions.

But he was confused as to why anyone would attack other lightning nodes without the lure of monetary gain. He wondered why they wouldn’t just report any issues on GitHub, so developers could fix any bugs found.

But, according to bitPico, the attacks aren’t just more politics; they’re all about safety:

“As people with investment into bitcoin, we want to make sure layer-two solutions do not get [zero-day’ed] out of the gate; trying as many attacks as possible is the only way to make sure.”

Only These 3 Large Cryptocurrencies Are Up in 2018 (The Motley Fool), Rated: A

However, amid this steep pullback for virtual currencies, three large cryptocurrencies — i.e., those with market caps in excess of $1 billion — have managed to push higher in 2018.

1. VeChain Thor: Up 15%

Even though VeChain Thor, which rebranded earlier this year from just “VeChain,” is up a mere 15%, I’d argue it’s had the most exciting year of any of the three top-performing cryptocurrencies in 2018.

2. TRON: Up 10%

TRON may not sport the biggest gain in 2018 (up 10%), but its investors are probably thrilled to see it up for the year as the majority of its peers tumble.

3. Binance Coin: Up 27%

However, the cream of the crop so far in 2018 among cryptocurrencies, with a 27% gain, is none other than Binance Coin. Who saw that coming, because I sure didn’t!

Shares of cryptocurrency play Longfin drop 30% after disclosing SEC investigation (CNBC), Rated: A

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating trading activity in shares of Longfin, a tiny stock that surged astronomically in December after the firm announced a cryptocurrency-related acquisition, the company disclosed late Monday.

Longfin shares, which go by the ticker symbol LFIN, plunged 30.89 percent to $9.89 a share. The stock is now down 82.43 percent for the year so far.

Source: CNBC

BrandShield Launches Blockchain-Based Anti-Scam Platform MyShield (Forbes), Rated: A

Currently, there are up to 50 million people worldwide (only 0.5% of the world’s population) who have exposure to this sector, but one of the biggest challenges to widespread adoption is the perception that potential involvement is insecure.

To this end, BrandShield, an AI-powered cyber intelligence company fighting online brand abuse, has launched MyShield, its anti-scam platform combining the power of AI with blockchain technology.

What Blockchain Means to Media (Broadcasting Cable), Rated: A

Last summer, Comcast’s Advanced Advertising Group said it would launch a Blockchain Insights Platform in 2018. Comcast hasn’t revealed a lot of details about what’s to come, but Marcien Jenckes, president of advertising at Comcast Cable, said in a CES panel in January that the partnership will pave the way for multiple parties tap into pools of different data that can help to garner key insights that can help target ads to the right audience. Comcast is also working on a way to use blockchain techniques in the connected home in a way that safely provides customers a way to grant and revoke access to their IoT devices and smart home applications.

Many analysts point to the ad-tech values, especially cutting out the estimated 75% of ad spending which is lost through fraud or goes to duplicative middlemen. Hence, the ad-tech industry’s deep dive into blockchain solutions.

What If They ICO? Investors Seek Veto Power Over Future Token Sales (CoinDesk), Rated: B

The partner, who requested to stay anonymous, said investors are requiring companies they back to agree to some kind of arrangement should the company eventually launch an ICO, and to make sure to have a discussion before the launch about “whether or not this is a good move to support the long-term fortunes of the company.”

Cranston and Esser join CULedger management team (CUInsight), Rated: B

CULedger, credit union-owned CUSO that focuses on delivering innovative applications on a global distributed ledger platform for credit unions, welcomes two new additions to the executive management team.

Rick Cranston, a lead contributor and driver for credit union distributed ledger technology, will serve as the Chief Operating Officer for CULedger, an initiative supported by the Credit Union National Association and the Mountain West Credit Union Association.


Alibaba Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Alibabacoin (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

In a complaint filed in US District Court in Manhattan, the Chinese e-commerce multinational with a market cap of $424 billion, claims that Alibabacoin Foundation’s “prominent, repeated, and intentionally misleading” use of its trademarks is intended to confuse consumers and investors to think Alibabacoin is affiliated with or endorsed by Alibaba, according to Reuters.

How many websites are mining cryptocurrency?  (Ahrefs), Rated: AAA

We crawled all 175,251,729 websites in our database to see how many were mining cryptocurrency.

To clarify, this means that we crawled subdomains, too.

To check for the presence of crypto-mining scripts, we used Wappalyzer.

Wappalyzer can identify the presence of 14 common crypto-mining scripts.

These scripts include Coinhive, Crypto-Loot, JSECoin, ProjectPoi, and many more.

Our results

We found 23,872 unique domains running cryptocurrency mining scripts.

As a percentage of the total 175M+ in Ahrefs’ database, that’s 0.0136%. (Or 1 in 7,353 websites.)

crypto mining
Source: Ahrefs

Here are the top 20 sites (that we found were running crypto-mining scripts) with the most organic search traffic:

  • torrentz-2.eu: 3,434,018 est. visits/month;
  • whatismyipaddress.com: 3,047,785 est. visits/month;
  • zamunda.net: 2,039,719 est. visits/month;
  • rutracker-net.ru: 1,440,599 est. visits/month;
  • ilcorsaronero.info: 1,073,419 est. visits/month;
  • myegy.tv: 918,394 est. visits/month;
  • cinecalidad.org: 783,140 est. visits/month;
  • freebitco.in: 652,149 est. visits/month;
  • dl-xvideos.com: 643,710 est. visits/month;
  • seriesypelis24.com: 536,810 est. visits/month;
  • tainiesonline.tv: 529,885 est. visits/month;
  • streamonsports.com: 476,141 est. visits/month;
  • elsiglo.com.ve: 465,710 est. visits/month;
  • {double-checking this one} 362,326 est. visits/month;
  • contoerotico.com.br: 361,563 est. visits/month;
  • heja.tv: 331,566 est. visits/month;
  • papystreaming.net: 315,325 est. visits/month;
  • cam4bucks.com: 311,442 est. visits/month;
  • pencurimovie.xyz: 273,604 est. visits/month;
  • peliculasio.com: 249,109 est. visits/month;

Here’s a spreadsheet with a list of the top 100 sites.

crypto mining top level domains
Source: Ahrefs

Despite Bitcoin Bubble Popping, Crypto Exchanges Are Making Billionaires Richer (Observer), Rated: AAA

The boom of cryptocurrencies in the last two months of 2017 created a group of overnight billionaires.

Over the past few weeks, as most cryptocurrencies’ cash value has continued to fall, many of the billionaire founders of cryptocurrencies have probably seen their paper wealth evaporate by a good chunk as well. Larsen, for example, whose Ripple has dropped by over 70 percent so far this year, has lost $44 billion in net worth from its peak in January, according to CNBC calculations.

As of this month, the 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world generate a daily average of $3 million in transaction fees, according to Bloomberg’s estimate based on trading volume reported on data tracker CoinMarketCap.com and fee schedules of these exchanges.

crypto exchanges

Qlink announces Crypto Monopoly, partnership with Binance and WinQ launch (NEO News Today), Rated: AAA

Qlink, a decentralized mobile network, has partnered with Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The partnership was made to incorporate BNB into WinQ, Qlink’s Wi-Fi sharing and VPN application, and the partnership follows the listing of the QLC token on Binance on March 28th this year.

The partnership between Binance and Qlink will help to circulate BNB tokens in a utility application and increases the use cases for the BNB ecosystem

Binance adds new trading pairs after announcing partnership with Qlink (AMBCrypto), Rated: A

Qlink is encapsulating BNB into its system in multiple ways, some of which includes:

  • Qlink in-app wallet will support BNB and allow users to hold BNB
  • Qlink is adding trading pairs of BNB/QLC so the user can directly purchase QLC with BNB
  • The dApp will support BNB as a game token for WiFi ownership cybersquatting within the dApp, allowing users to purchase the ownership of a registered WiFi or VPN asset at a higher value in QLC or BNB

Over 50 teams sign up to put tokenization on Bitcoin BCH chain (CoinGeek), Rated: A

More than 50 teams are taking on CoinGeek.com’s tokenization challenge, which will shape the next evolution of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

How Centralized Exchanges Intend to Devastate You (Bitcoin.com), Rated: A

Satoshi never envisioned centralized exchanges. The spectacle would have appalled him. Bitcoin was forged to avoid centralized third parties, such as banks and centralized exchanges, that require users to trust them with wealth and privacy. Peer-to-peer transfers based on cryptographic proof were supposed to replace the need for a middleman who demanded trust. They were designed to give financial power back to the individual.

HIVE Blockchain Increases Power Capacity by 65% to 17.4 MW (Cision), Rated: A

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (TSX.V:HIVE) (OTC:HVBTF) (the “Company” or “HIVE”) is pleased to announce the completion of the second phase (“Sweden Phase 2”) of a multi-phase build-out of a large-scale GPU-based mining complex in Sweden.  The Sweden Phase 2 operation commenced mining at the end of March 2018 and increases the Company’s run-rate energy consumption dedicated to cryptocurrency mining by 6.8 megawatts (“MW”) to 17.4 MW, an increase of 65%.

Oduwa Coin: The Insurance Solution For Crypto Investors (Global Coin Report), Rated: A

From what started as a single idea for a “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” when Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, was invented almost 10 years ago in 2009, it has since grown to an industry where today almost 1,600 different cryptocurrencies are listed in a global market that reached levels exceeding $600 billion not too long ago.

By combining the age-old, tried-and-tested principles of insurance with cutting-edge, modern blockchain technology tools, Oduwa Coin proudly offers the world’s first trading & exchange platform that protects investors’ portfolio against volatility, i.e. you can insure your crypto investment against devaluation.

How does Oduwa’s volatility insurance work?

When investors put money into any of the cryptocurrencies that are on the platform’s approved list and if they select the insurance option, then Oduwa Coin guarantees that the particular investment is covered against loss by means of an insurance contract, for the period stipulated in the contract.

The insurance cover comes for free to the investor, based on the understanding that, if the value of the cryptocurrency falls during the contract period, then Oduwa absorbs & covers the loss; while, at the same time, if the investment value rises, then Oduwa shares in the profit.

After Facebook’s Privacy Debacle, How Blockchain Will Secure Our Digital Lives (CryptoSlate), Rated: AAA

Facebook’s privacy problems could be blockchain’s opportunity. As the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal deepens, the clamor to redouble efforts to protect personal data in the digital age is growing.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, asked in a recent Tweet on the subject of data protection that: “What can web users do?” His answer: “Get involved. Care about your data. It belongs to you.”

As it happens, some blockchain start-ups have already made “getting involved” their business models, building decentralized secure ledgers for our data.

What’s Next for Blockchain? (CMS Wire), Rated: AAA

Blockchains could store up to 10 percent of our global GDP in the future, upwards of $8 trillion. Some proclaim it the new “internet of value.” Yet others predict its demise, perhaps following in the path of the overhyped but prescient Apple Newton or even the once bright X.400 standard.

Indeed, blockchain has emerged as a modern digital protocol for provenance, conveying authenticity and quality. Derived from the French, the word provenance has most often been associated with works of art and antiques, but here it is, associated with blockchain technology. There is even a U.K. startup called Provenance using blockchain to enable supply chain transparency and product trust.

Blockchains Search for Interoperability

A complex and multilayered vendor ecosystem is forming around blockchain as digital infrastructure. With all the differing platforms and tools, solution providers and enterprise adopters are demanding interoperability as they move from blockchain pilots to production. Yet efforts toward standards have just begun.

Groups like the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance are being created to collaborate on researching interchain transactions and communications.

Blockchain Chases Industry Value

In financial services, Swiss bank UBS and U.K.-based Barclays are both experimenting with blockchain as a way to expedite back-office functions and settlement, which some in the banking industry say could cut up to $20 billion in middleman costs, according to CB Insights.

Paymon – An Innovative Approach to a Multifaceted Blockchain Transformation (Global Coin Report), Rated: A

Paymon is a crypto project born of a market gap in the digital currency industry. It seeks to improve the basic blockchain model to make it more accessible and flexible so as to allow for more widespread use than is currently the case.

Paymon proposes a custom blockchain model with a difference. The Hive blockchain technology used on the platform combines a number of crypto innovations to make way for limitless scalability and facilitate a feeless transaction structure. In this regard, it is armed with the tools necessary to address the scaling issue, create modern architecture with higher flexibility and also allow for compliance with current regulatory frameworks.

Leading ERC20 Tokens By Market Capitalization (Ethereum World News), Rated: B

EOS is a blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications being developed by Block One, and founders Dan Larimer and Brendan Bloomer.

TRON Founder Justin Sun is targeting the trillion-dollar global entertainment market with a decentralized content sharing platform

Founded in 2015, VeChain is focused on building a decentralized platform for business solutions.

OmiseGo, with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin as an advisor, is building a decentralized peer-to-peer financial transaction platform that facilitates financial services across locations, asset classes and applications.

Project ICON is aiming to “Hyperconnect the World” by building one of the largest decentralized networks where blockchains can interact with each other using smart contracts.

Blockchain Is As Fallible, And Guilt-Free, As Any Other Technology (Finextra), Rated: A

Decentralized identity management is one of the most important conversations happening regarding blockchain. Currently, we regularly relinquish control of our personal data to companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. Blockchain technology enables a model where we not only retain control of our own data but only have to share that information on a need to know basis. We still own it. We control who can access it, and when. And we are able to revoke that access whenever we desire more privacy. This concept is known as self-sovereign identity (SSID) and is being promoted by organizations like Hyperledger and WSO2, as well as Veridium’s own CTO John Callahan.

IoT Developers Look to Blockchain for Security (Enterprise Tech), Rated: B

The industry group IoT World reported this week that more than 70 percent of its members are designing security features into network devices. More than half are enforcing security policies.

Another emerging security approach would combine IoT with blockchain cryptography. The IoT survey found that 46 percent of respondents are considering blockchain technology to secure their IoT deployments. Along with data encryption, early investors are looking to the distributed ledger technology as a way to reduce security breaches.


European Union

Cardano (ADA) to Lead 3rd Generation Cryptocurrencies Through Scaling (The Independent Republic), Rated: AAA

Speaking with Blockchain Innovation, Hoskinson outlined three goals that Cardano has established for itself in 2018:

One. Fixing the sins of the path: Design, development, and deployment of cryptocurrency. As Hoskinson puts it, Cardano needs to ensure, “the scientific claims made by them are actually right.” Cardano is taking a long position on the industry, rather than being a quick pump and dump ICO scheme.

Two. Proper architecture, well-defined protocols, and specifications of a wallet. Inherent in their overarching focus on scientific design and research, Hoskinson and co-founder Jeremy Wood have taken a critical stance against the state of cryptocurrencies to date: “none of them have met [our] standards in the past 9 years.”

Three. To be the first 3rd generation cryptocurrency: Scales as more users join. He cites Ripple as a model leader for the industry, “…the key factors are scalability, interoperability, and sustainability. Ripple operation is a great example of interoperability with 130 bank partners and the inter ledger projects”

Bancor launches a cryptocurrency wallet that converts instantly between tokens (VentureBeat), Rated: AAA

Today, Bancor, an open source protocol for automated token conversions, has launched Bancor Wallet, which grants users instant on-chain conversion across almost 70 cryptocurrencies. Bancor promises that more tokens will be added daily.

Bancor Wallet makes it possible to purchase any supported token with a credit or debit card and instantly convert the token to any other token in the Bancor network. Bancor’s in-wallet conversions are made using smart contracts, rather than by matching buyers and sellers. That keep spreads and fees as low as possible.

Blockchain Platform To Reward Users For Donating Their Genomic Data For Research (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

A new Blockchain project Shivom is aiming to provide a platform where individuals can ‘donate’ their genomic data for use by researchers, securely store and control who accesses the information, and earn rewards as a result.

United Kingdom


“I’m the only person in the crypto field that has openly divulged the outrageous amounts of money charged by crypto promoters,” McAfee tells The Independent.

“It’s embarrassingly huge, but it’s true. I have been getting these fees for over six months. I decided to go public with it because I am an advisor to many of these companies and I know that I’m in the cross-hairs of the SEC [US Securities and Exchange Commission], so it is in my interests to prove transparency.”

Just one promotional post about a digital currency to McAfee’s twitter followers — 812,000 at the time of writing — caused the price to rise in value from between 50 and 350 percent.

Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges The Real Winners Here? (CryptoDaily), Rated: A

A report has suggested that the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are bringing in as much profit as $3 million per day. When you think that the whole market is still a relatively new one, only starting in 2009, this is very impressive. The exchanges make their money by charging fees to those who buy, sell and withdraw cryptocurrencies; so, with this in mind, why are some more profitable than others?

It appears that Asian based cryptocurrency exchanges see the most profits. Binance, based in Tokyo, and OKEx, in Hong Kong, are seeing more than $1.7 billion being traded each day. They are closely followed by Huobi, Bitfinex, Upbit and Bithumb. When you consider that over 50% of the worlds daily crypto trading is done on Asia-based exchanges, it really is no surprise that these are the most profitable.



Taiwan Looks to Regulate Bitcoin Under Anti-Money Laundering Laws (Bitcoin.com), Rated: AAA

Central Bank of the Republic of China, Taiwan, 中華民國中央銀行, appears to be signaling it will regulate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin under the country’s existing anti-money laundering (AML) laws. Governor Yang was responding to lawmakers’ concerns about bitcoin’s lack of transparency when traded.


Post about crypto on YouTube? Prepare to have your whole Google account banned (TechAU.com), Rated: AAA

Bad Crypto is a podcast I’ve been listening to for a while now and in their 105th episode, they reveal a story about having their entire Google account banned. Around the 20 minute mark of the show, they discuss the issue of spam accounts posting about crypto on social media.

The hosts claim their Bad Crypto YouTube account had no strikes against it. They received an email to say an email had been flagged. 1 minutes later they received a second email to say their channel was suspended. 1 minute later their entire Google account was shut down.


Ethereum Becomes More Popular Than Bitcoin in India (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

More specifically, searches for Ethereum in India represent 34.4% of all searches. Bitcoin, on the other hand, comes in second place with 29.9%. It may not seem like a big difference, yet it does set the overall tone in the country. In the rest of the world, people seemingly have high hopes for Ethereum as well.

Other than BuyUCoin – the name for NEM in India –  the rest of the currencies are not too popular. Dash is leading the pack with 5.3% of all searches.

INTERPOL holds first DarkNet and Cryptocurrencies Working Group in Singapore (Open Gov Asia), Rated: A

On April 3, INTERPOL announced that it has held the first Working Group on DarkNet and Cryptocurrencies. The Working Group has identified the rise of Altcoins, alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, as an emerging threat to law enforcement.

Held at the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore, in cooperation with the German Bavarian Ministry of Justice, the working group gathered 39 participants representing 18 member countries and Europol.

Tron (TRX) – Some Interesting Comments From Justin Sun (CryptoRecorder), Rated: A

The much-awaited Tron (TRX) test net is now live, and people are super excited about it. It has marked the turning point for Tron, as it looks forward to the Main net launch. However, what I have found most interesting were the comments that Justin Sun made during the test net launch, live stream. His comments are an indication that this project has the vision, and the will power to go for the top-spot in crypto space. Anyone who listened to him knows that this is one crypto that you should be going long on, and with confidence.

One of the things he said during the livestream is that Tron is about to launch on several major exchanges. Some snoops believe that one of the exchanges that Tron could be listing on, is Coinbase! If this comes to fruition, Tron will get a massive volumes surge that could easily be seen. It has hit a valuation of over $1.

Zilliqa Releases Public Testnet of Scalable Blockchain, Creates New Smart Contract Language (Crowdfund Insider), Rated: A

Zilliqa has Released their public testnet of a Blockchain that deals with the technology’s biggest hurdle: the ability to scale and serve the demands of global financial institutions. Zilliqa uses a technique called sharding that apparently can enable their Blockchain to hit transaction speeds similar to Visa.

Abra CEO Promises SEPA-Support Is #1 Priority for Crypto Investing Platform (CryptoSlate), Rated: A

“SEPA support which would give users GBP/Euro bank access to Abra is my absolute #1 priority right now. We have to get a bunch of stuff done on the current launch but rest assured this topic is on the top of my list for new stuff to be done. I was in London and Zurich last week and had this conversation about 4 million times!”

Abra CEO unfolds reasons behind choosing Litecoin [LTC]’s smart contracts network (AMBCrypto), Rated: B

According to him, Litecoin was their second asset class, after Bitcoin, for their smart contract investment solution for 3 major reasons; First and foremost is the commitment to Bitcoin compatibility, core roadmap, p2sh support, lightning support, etc. Secondly, it has slightly better scalability than BTC in short term. Lastly, mining fee which is a short-term benefit would skyrocket if they were to be successful.


Russian Central Bank Pitches Ethereum Platform To Support EAEU Payments Network (ETHNews), Rated: AAA

Olga Skorobogatova, the Central Bank of Russia’s first deputy governor, has projected that a proposed payments network, which would serve the entirety of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), could eventually be deployed atop an Ethereum-based platform called Masterchain.

According to an article from the state-owned media outlet Tass, on April 3, 2018, Skorobogatova stated:

“We are currently discussing the possibility of creating new technologies for transmitting messages and payments across the EAEU as a supranational infrastructure. It would enable us to use blockchain‘s distributed ledger technologies within the EAEU’s space, settle payments and transmit financial information sidestepping current payment systems.”


OSC Calls Innovative Digital Currency Regulation a “Key Focus” for 2018-2019 (Coinsquare), Rated: AAA

Canada’s digital currency industry currently operates without much regulatory certainty, as the country’s regulatory bodies are yet to enact clear rules for companies and investors operating in the space. Now, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced plans to create digital currency regulations that won’t prevent innovation, calling it a focus for the upcoming financial year.

Sagewise Announces Public Alpha SDK to Freeze Ethereum Contracts When Necessary (Crowdfund Insider), Rated: A

Sagewise says that more than $500 million was lost in Smart Contracts that ended up being not so smart during 2017. While everyone wants to believe in a “trustless” digital society that is not always the case. To better manage this issue, Sagewise has launched a new Smart Contract Safety Net and the public alpha launch of the SDK is ongoing now.

ZED Network Announces Advisory Board (GlobeNewswire), Rated: B

Integrated global payments platform ZED Network today announced its advisory board, with leaders in finance and blockchain joining ZED’s mission to create a blockchain-powered internetwork of global money transfer operators.  ZED’s advisory board includes Enzo Villani, Chairman of Millenium Blockchain; Garry Clement, Financial Crime Prevention expert and advocate; George De La Rosa, a Credit Union executive; Greg Simon, CEO of Loyyal, a blockchain loyalty company; Jim Griffin, CEO of Derivative Logic; Jordan Oxley, Chairman of Via Bank; Michael Terpin, Founder of BitAngels, CoinAgenda & Alphabit Fund; and Miko Matsumura, Founder of Evercoin Exchange.


Crypto-to-Gift-Cards Exchange Platform Zeex ICO Starts April (PR Newswire), Rated: A

Crypto-to-gift-cards exchange platform Zeex is now making its ZIX token available to investors through token sale events starting this April.

The ICO is currently in its private presale phase which runs through April. The public sale starts afterwards and will conclude at the end of June or until the hard cap of $50 million is reached. 500 million ZIX or 40 percent of the total supply of 1.25 billion tokens will be available during the ICO. Tokens are priced at 50,000 ZIX for 1 ETH.

Latin America

Crypto Rating Sites Are Already Calling Venezuela’s Petro a Scam (Bloomberg), Rated: AAA

Rating website ICOindex.com gave the token a “scam status,” saying the project was missing critical information, from the description of the mechanism to its technology and supposed oil-backing. “We can discourage people from wasting money on this project,” the site reads. Another rating site, ICObench, rated the Petro 1.6 points out of 5. Other ICO raters, including Cryptorated and ICOreview, haven’t even bothered to review the project, Criptonoticias reported.


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