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Coinbase Launches Massive Crypto Investment Index Fund Grayscale (Stocks Gazette), Rated: AAA

Coinbase Index Fund buys and holds cryptocurrency assets for investors. It provides a “vault-like” protection on behalf of clients who’ve been afraid of losing their assets.

According to Coinbase, there has been huge interest from the investor community since the exchange announced the Index Fund earlier in the year.

As of now, they “have opened the fund to those who wish to invest $250,000 to $20M.”

Big changes may be coming to Robinhood’s crypto platform, and market experts say Coinbase should be worried (Business Insider), Rated: AAA

Robinhood, which rolled out a cryptocurrency trading offering earlier this year in some US states, is looking to hire developers to build-out a cryptocurrency wallet, according to a job advertisement.

Such an offering would allow investors to transfer their crypto holdings from outside brokerages and wallets into Robinhood. Currently, if a Robinhood crypto customer wants to transfer coins in and out of the platform they would have to first sell them, transfer the money to another platform, and then buy.

Can Robinhood quietly steal the light from Coinbase? (LeapRate), Rated: A

Robinhood is already widely known as one of the top startups in Silicon Valley by all means. The commission-free exchange became widely popular with American youths who have passion for markets and little money to invest. So far so good. Now, just after Robinhood entered the cryptocurrency game, can the startup steal the show from one of the biggest and most trustworthy exchanges, Coinbase?

According to Investopedia, Robinhood is currently valued at around $6 billion, and is the second most highly valued fintech startups in the United States, second after Stripe.

With Cryptocurrencies in Free Fall, One Big Firm Doubles Down (The New York Times), Rated: AAA

Andreessen Horowitz, the well-known firm that made early bets on Instagram and Reddit, said on Monday that it was creating a $300 million fund focused exclusively on projects inspired by the original virtual currency, Bitcoin. One of the leaders of the new fund will be the firm’s first female general partner, Kathryn Haun, a former federal prosecutor.

Where Will Bitcoin Bottom Out? (Forbes), Rated: AAA

The price of bitcoin is now in the $5,000s. Condolences if you bought at $20,000. The question now is how far will it fall and how to buy the bottom?

The next question you need to answer: does bitcoin have a future? Some say it doesn’t, but I think it does and I should think you do too. So all we have to do is find the bottom and buy it.

Source: ADVFN

Bottoms are very rarely V-shaped; they tend to be W-shaped, so what we are looking for is this:

Bitcoin bottom
Source: ADVFN

Bitcoin’s Defense of $ 6K Raises Odds of Relief Rally (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Bitcoin (BTC) is again trading above $6,000 and looking up, but today’s closing price will likely set the tone for the rest of the week.

The leading cryptocurrency fell to $5,755 at 15:00 UTC on Sunday – the lowest level since Nov. 12 – only to make a quick recovery back above $6,000 an hour later, according to Bitfinex data.

Source: CoinDesk

BTC created a doji candle on Sunday, normally signaling indecision in the marketplace. However, when viewed against the backdrop of a 40 percent decline from May high of $9,990, Sunday’s doji candle likely represents bearish exhaustion.

A Long-Secret Bitcoin Key Is About to Be Revealed (CoinDesk), Rated: A

A long-held bitcoin secret is about to be revealed.

No, it’s not the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s a private key the cryptocurrency’s creator entrusted to several bitcoin developers that activates the protocol’s so-called “alert system,” once used to flash a text warning to those running the software in case something happened that could impact the security of their funds.

44 Bitcoin Forks Have Emerged Within 10 Months, Crypto Investors Not Convinced (NewsBTC), Rated: A

Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Atom, Bitcoin Candy, and Bitcoin Pizza are some of the 44 bitcoin forks that have emerged since the initial Bitcoin Cash hard fork in August of last year, as TNW reported. Within the past 10 months, 44 forks of the Bitcoin protocol have emerged, but crypto investors are not taking them seriously.

Celo Closes $ 6.5m Round From Coinbase, Andreesen Horowitz and Other Top Crypto Investors (CryptoGlobe), Rated: A

Celo’s big reveal came at the weekend as it said in a blog post that it was finally lifting the veil on what it has been working on for the past year.

The blog post also announced its successful initial funding round of $6.5m which included some of the world’s most highly-regarded angel investors, crypto hedge funds, and venture capital firms. Also participating in the round were Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Polychain Capital, Coinbase, Reid Hoffman – co-founder of LinkedIn, Jack Dorsey – co-founder and CEO Square and Twitter, Naval Ravikant – CEO and founder of AngelList, Linda Xie, Arianna Simpson, Social Capital, Lakestar, and others.

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee predicts crypto market recovery after $ 250 million Tether injection (Crypto Coin Spy), Rated: A

2018 has not been kind to cryptocurrency holders, particularly those who bought at the top of the market in late 2017 and have wondered since if prices will ever recover. Though Bitcoin is higher than it was a year ago, prices sunk to an 8 month low over the weekend, dropping below $6,000. Things have steadied a little since then with prices up 6% overnight and holding around $6,300 at time of writing.

This afternoon Lee alerted his followers that Tether has just “printed” $250 million dollars of USDT. If Tether is expanding the supply of USDT then $250 million is entering the cryptocurrency market.

Litecoin Can Hit $ 300.00 Again, Here’s Why (Crypto Daily), Rated: A

Historically, Litecoin is able to take big leaps upwards. In fact, in order to reach its all-time high of around $363.00, Litecoin jumped 359% from around $79.00, similarly to the value of Litecoin that we see today. Once more, Litecoin also managed to climb from around $113.00 to around $250.00 not so long ago, in a climb that equates to around 121%.


Data from the Ethereum Blockchain confirms the giant transactions, which appear to have angered potential investors who claim they were unable to purchase tokens themselves.

Edge Mobile Wallet Expands To Support Monero And Ripple (CCNJ), Rated: B

The Edge mobile wallet has announced that Ripple (XRP) and Monero (XMR) will finally be supported on its platform in response to heavy demand by customers.

US Federal Reserve Bank Recognizes Cryptocurrency (Crypto Disrupt), Rated: A

Four cryptocurrencies have been added to the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, one of twelve regional banks in the US central banking system. The four cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. The fact that a US Federal reserve bank recognizes cryptocurrency is highly significant.

Daily prices are now available on these four cryptocurrencies from the Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED).

AI Reads 100 ICO Papers, Publishes a Crypto Whitepaper: Here’s How it Sounds (CCN), Rated: A

Clay Space, a blockchain researcher and the founder of Blockspace Media, recently ran a study by feeding an artificial intelligence (AI) system 100 initial coin offering (ICO) whitepapers and having it produce its own.

The random whitepaper produced by the AI system used by Space created a paper with the following structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem
  3. Uses of the Token
  4. Purchasing ICO
  5. Use of Funds
  6. Team

The simplistic structure of the AI-generate whitepaper almost exactly replicates the majority of ICO whitepapers in the market.

Blockchain Military Applications – the Future Tech of the Armed Forces (Coin Central), Rated: A

Given that blockchain now features heavily in any discussion about cybersecurity, it is unsurprising that military organizations across the world are taking an interest. Secure communication is one example of how blockchain military applications are proving their potential.

Google recently hit the headlines due to its controversial involvement in Project Maven, run by the US Department of Defense.

Decentralization has clear advantages for powering a system such as Aegis, leading to speculation that blockchain is the future of battleship control systems. By utilizing blockchains ability to verify that all nodes are working from the same set of data, the system can coordinate weapon control to neutralize threats.

Pharma Giant Merck Eyes Blockchain for Fighting Counterfeit Meds (CoinDesk), Rated: B

Pharmaceuticals giant Merck is seeking a patent for a way to use blockchain in order to track goods as they move through the supply chain.

Published last Thursday and submitted in December 2016, the patent application outlines a method by which a blockchain could be used to store information about a physical object – in this case, a single product – and receive updates as it moves onward from its point of origin. That distributed network could then be used to store information verifying the authenticity of the item.

Why ‘coopetition’ could be the biggest barrier to blockchain adoption (The Block), Rated: A

The biggest barrier to blockchain adoption at scale may be rivalry within the ecosystem itself, rather than any particular grapplings with the emerging technology.

That’s according to a report by management consultancy firm McKinsey which, based on analysis of 90 use cases for distributed ledger technology (DLT), said that a “coopetition paradox” between industry competitors threatened to put a damper on its wider uptake.

How You Can Build a Career in Blockchain (Entrepreneur), Rated: A

According to Upwork, a global freelance exchange, blockchain-related skills were the most in-demand on its platform in the first quarter of 2018. Moreover, TechCrunch reports that “Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market; there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.”


How social media’s powerful ‘silent majority’ moves Bitcoin prices (Science Daily), Rated: AAA

The work, led by Feng Mai, a professor at Stevens School of Business, shows that periods of increasingly positive social media commentary do, in fact, significantly influence the rising price of Bitcoin, but the surprise? It’s the silent majority, not the vocal minority, who move these prices.

In other words: comments and tweets from very active users did not move Bitcoin’s price much at all. Rather, the silent majority — infrequent users who took the time to comment on the cryptocurrency’s prospects — moved prices more, as much as ten times more, when they posted positive comments.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, Tron: Price Analysis (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

The institutional players are likely to enter when the market stabilizes and shows signs of bottoming out. Being a volatile asset class, it will not take a long time for the trend to change from bearish to bullish.

The bears succeeded in breaking below the $6,000 levels on June 24, however, they could not sustain those levels. Bitcoin quickly rallied from the intraday lows and closed above the $6,075 levels.

Bitcoin price
Source: CoinTelegraph


Ethereum dropped to a low of $421 on June 24, but the bulls managed to pull back and close above $450 levels.

Source: CoinTelegraph


Ripple is trading precariously close to its major support at $0.45351. It broke below this level on June 24 but managed to close (UTC) above it.

Source: CoinTelegraph


Bitcoin Cash broke below the critical support at $736.0137 in intraday trading on June 24 but managed to close (UTC) above it.

Bitcoin Cash
Source: Bitcoin Cash


EOS is looking weak. It plunged to an intraday low of $6.8926 on June 24 where buying emerged. The bulls are currently trying to push prices above the $8 levels.

Source: CoinTelegraph


The bulls are struggling to defend the critical support at $0.13 on Cardano. A break of this level on a closing basis (UTC) can sink it to $0.078215.

Source: CoinTelegraph

Altcoins are Stable: IOTA, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Litecoin and Tron Technical Analysis (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

Even if we are in a deep price correction with some instances where sellers are trending below main support lines like in Litecoin, some as IOTA are actually finding support. In the last 24 hours for example, IOTA is up four percent and resisting lower lows at 90 cents, our main sell trigger line.

EOS Technical Analysis

Rumor is rife that BitFinex might be using your EOS tokens to vote for their proxies: jedaaaaaa, bitfinexeos and eosgenblockp.

Source: NewsBTC

Litecoin (LTC) Technical Analysis

Litecoin is down 32 percent month over month and this is irrefutable considering the strong slide in the last three months or so. However, there is support in the last 24 hours and LTC is actually up, managing losses gaining six percent in the last 24 hours.

Source: NewsBTC

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Technical Analysis

XLM prices are performing relatively well and buyers have actually reversed June 24 losses printing a double bar bull reversal. Of course we remain bearish but we shall cancel this projection when XLM prices are above our minor buy trigger at 25 cents.

Stellar Lumens
Source:: NewsBTC

Average initial coin offering has at least five vulnerabilities (Betanews), Rated: A

Every month there are fresh cryptocurrencies springing up, but new research by Positive.comhas discovered an average of five separate vulnerabilities in each initial coin offering (ICO) project examined in 2017.

What’s more, 47 percent of the ICO vulnerabilities uncovered were medium to high severity. Just one vulnerability is enough for attackers to steal investors’ money and do irreparable damage to corporate reputation.

Total investment in ICOs exceeded $5 billion in 2017, with the first quarter of 2018 showing no sign of slowing down. With such large sums of money available, incentives for cybercriminals are high, and seven percent of all funds raised in ICOs last year were stolen, totaling $300 million.

The top 5 security threats posed by ICO projects (TechRepublic), Rated: B

  1. Vulnerabilities allowing attacks against ICO organizers – One in three ICOs studied had flaws that made it possible for hackers to attack the ICO organizers.
  2. Smart contract vulnerabilities – One in three ICOs studied had flaws that made it possible for hackers to attack the ICO organizers.
  3. Vulnerabilities in web applications – Half of the ICO projects studied contained vulnerabilities in ICO web applications, the report found.
  4. Vulnerabilities enabling attacks against investors – Some 23% of projects examined in the report contained flaws that allowed attacks against investors.
  5. Vulnerabilities in mobile applications – However, 100% of ICO mobile apps studied contained vulnerabilities. These apps also contained 2.5 times more vulnerabilities than web apps, the report found. The most common flaws found included insecure data transfer, storage of user data in backups, and session ID disclosure.

How Should We Regulate Blockchain? It Depends on Which Country You Ask (Fortune), Rated: A

The EU has taken a firm stance on data privacy, implementing stringent regulations that have notable implications for blockchain. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on May 25, seeks to harmonize data privacy efforts across the union, mandating, in particular, that EU citizens have a “right to be forgotten” online.

East Asian countries, by contrast, have until recently taken a “business first, regulation later” approach, in which government agencies have allowed blockchain companies to operate without restrictions. But as cryptocurrencies exploded last year, East Asian nations began to subject blockchain to more significant regulatory scrutiny.

U.S. government agencies, on the other hand, have taken a “regulation first, business later” approach, in which overwhelming skepticism has prompted regulators to restrict the potential mainstream applications of blockchain programs utilizing cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Watchers Say Decentralized Apps Are Around The Corner (Forbes), Rated: A

Not enough people are using browsers and tokens that run on a blockchain network, so it’s hard to amass the number of users needed to propel a new app to success.

But that hasn’t stopped people from trying or researchers from divining that decentralized apps, or “dapps,” really are just around the corner.

Microsoft turns to blockchain smart contracts for royalty payments (Finder), Rated: A

Microsoft has teamed up with EY to create a blockchain platform for royalties payments, using the JP Morgan Quorum blockchain and Microsoft Azure. The new system is being tested with Microsoft partner Ubisoft and aims to cut out the inefficiencies of the previous royalty payments system.

Post Crypto Boom, Crypto-Tourism is Attracting a Lot of Interest (Crypto-News), Rated: A

The boom in the cryptocurrency space has not just opened the road to the advancement of the blockchain space but has helped in the surge of crypto-tourism. Several tourism programmes focused towards the blockchain industry, from luxury cruises to Middle East startup tours have become the part of this growing trends of targeting crypto-curious travellers.


Countries such as China, India, the UK, Canada and Brazil are running trials, and pilot tests to see how the unique architecture can be applied on day-to-day government operations, mainly for internal use. It’s worthy to note that each application is different and depends on the municipality, state and country.

European Union

Binance Info App: Binance Announces Early Access Beta Test Group (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: AAA

The world’s most active cryptocurrency exchange for trading bitcoin and altcoins has made an announcement that you can ‘get early access to the Binance Info App!’

This is a chance to take part in the closed Beta group of the new Binance Info App that is geared towards the passionate development of crypto-related projects. They are asking those interested via twitter if you want to help contribute to the #BinanceInfo app before it launches then join the extremely exclusive group of limited beta testers starting right now.

Binance (BNB/BTC) Technical Analysis for 06/26/2018 – Double Top Breakdown? (Live Bitcoin News), Rated: AAA

Binance formed a double top pattern on its 1-hour time frame, signaling that it’s done with the climb. Price already broke below the neckline at 0.00240 and has since pulled up for a retest.

If resistance at this former support level holds, price could fall to the Fibonacci extension levels next. The 38.2% Fib extension is close to the 0.00230 level while the 50% extension is closer to the swing low at 0.00220. Stronger selling pressure could take it down to the 61.8% extension at 0.00219 or the 78.6% extension at 0.00213. The full extension is located at 0.00204.

Source: Live Bitcoin News

Crypto Exchange Binance Shifting Altcoins Into New Gear (The Daily HODL), Rated: A

In recent months, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says he decided to slow down the listing of new coins on the platform to let other exchanges catch up.

But now, he’s planning to speed things up again.

In the last six weeks, Binance has added 11 new coins to its platform:

• Pundi X (NPXS)
• Siacoin (SC)
• Streamr (DATA)
• Nexus (NXS)
• SingularityNET (AGI)
• IoTeX (IOTX)
• Theta Token (THETA)
• Civic (CVC)
• ZenCash (ZEN)
• Augur (REP)
• Bytecoin (BCN)

VeChain/Tether (VEN/USDT) Listed on Binance (CoinFrenzy), Rated: B

VeChain, which recently rebranded itself to VeChainThor (VET), has gained support from Binance. Binance has announced the listing of the pair VeChain/Tether (VEN/USDT) on its platform. Binance also added that it supports VEN Mainnet Swap and has added VEN/USDT trading pair.

Do The Exits Of TRON And ICON Indicate Trouble Brewing For Ethereum? (ETHNews), Rated: AAA

Though some ERC20 projects, such as ICON, plan for a departure to their own mainnets in their white papers, the timing of the emigration – when Ethereum‘s market price has been relatively flat – could give the impression that there may be discontent brewing about the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency (by market capitalization).

ICON launched its mainnet in January, and will be exchanging its ERC20 tokens for native tokens at a rate of 1:1 from June 20 until September 25. The collected ERC20 tokens will then be burned.

TRON declared June 25 to be the project’s “Independence Day” and posited that its token burn “may set the record for the most amount of money destroyed in human history.” CEO Justin Sun said the burning marks a transition to a “free, autonomous, and self-governed decentralized internet.”

Ethereum’s Limitations

To understand why these coins are now leaving, one must understand why they joined Ethereum in the first place. Ethereum, for lack of a better description, is a de facto coin incubator.

Cryptocurrency is Helping Fuel Lithuania’s Economy, Bankers Fear Financial Disruption (NewsBTC), Rated: A

Cryptocurrency is helping to fuel Lithuania’s economy, but European central bankers have argued that it will aid illegal activity while disrupting traditional finance.


Bitmain Raises $ 400 Million Prior to its $ 12 Billion ICO, Growing Dominance (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

Bitmain’s seemingly unfailing market dominance may continue, as China Money Network reported that Bitmain raised over $400 Million U.S. in a pre-IPO funding round.

Bitmain’s ASIC dominance has continued, with Bitmain-based mining pools collectively accounting for nearly 50% of all Bitcoin mining power.

Two prominent Bitcoin mining pools, BTC.com and Antpool, contain 27% and 15.3% of Bitcoin’s hashrate respectively. Bitmain surprisingly owns and manages both pools, allowing the mining superpower to oversee over 42% of Bitcoin’s hashrate.

China’s Crypto Ratings Index Puts EOS in Top Slot, Drops Bitcoin (CoinDesk), Rated: A

The China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) Blockchain Research Institute – which aims to provide an independent rating system for the blockchain space – has placed the just-launched EOS network in the number one spot, with ethereum and NEO coming second and third, respectively. The release is the second since the index launched in May.

Notably, bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, was rated outside the top 10 in 17th place – a drop from 13th in the last list, following a change in the ranking methods.

A New Chinese Crypto Exchange Sparks Controversy Due to Its Business Model (Blokt), Rated: A

FCoin works on a nuanced revenue model known as “trans-fee mining.” Under this model, users get a chance to trade and mine cryptocurrencies simultaneously that could lead to FT token ownership, which is the native token of the company.

Australia/New Zealand

Reserve Bank rules out issuing digital currency… for now (Stuff), Rated: AAA

The Reserve Bank will not issue digital cash… for now.

It’s deputy governor Geoff Bascand said the Reserve Bank had looked at whether it should issue a digital version of cash, potentially to sit alongside banknotes, or even one day replace them.

But it concluded issuing digital currency with a value on par with cash could destabilise the privately-owned banks.

RBA: The problem with cryptocurrencies is that ‘trustless’ blockchains are just too slow (Business Insider), Rated: A

The RBA’s Tony Richards gave a speech today on cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology (DLT) that underpins them.

Richards assessed bitcoin’s legitimacy as a currency with reference to three main criteria: as a store of value, a medium of exchange and a unit of account.

He said it still misses on all three use cases.


SmartPesa Announces ICO For New Blockchain Solution That Provides Secure Credit Scoring Data For SMEs (PaymentWeek), Rated: AAA

Singapore-based FinTech company SmartPesa has announced the launch of a Token Sale (ICO) for its new Blockchain network SmartPesa Credible. The new Blockchain aims to address the increasing funding gap for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets by unlocking the value of inconsistent business credit data.

After a Reprieve from US regulators, Billionaire Ethereum Co-founder now looks to China (Global Coin Report), Rated: A

Bloomberg first reported that Anthony Di Lorio, a co-founder of Ethereum, is shopping for bargains with a particular interest in Vechain and Qtum (both China-based Blockchain projects). According to Di Lorio, “The biggest stake for” him at the moment “is in Qtum and Vechain.”

Although Vechain and Qtum are not among the top ten crypto projects at the moment on CoinMarketCap, it is easy to see why they both appeal to Di Lorio. Both VEN and QTUM are Ethereum based cryptocurrencies.  In fact, the two Blockchain projects boast of control over the biggest up and coming crypto markets including China, Japan, and South Korea.


Coinsquare closes $ 30M investment in Canadian digital currency exchange (Lexpert), Rated: AAA

On February 8, 2018, goNumerical Ltd. (d.b.a. Coinsquare) announced that it had completed a marketed equity financing for total proceeds of approximately $30 million. Coinsquare raised $47.3 million in a little over four months at equity valuations increasing from $30 million to $430 million.

The most recent round of funding will be used to fuel a global growth plan and diversification strategy. Canaccord Genuity Corp. led the financing.


Frame 48 Releases Documentary Showcasing Why Dash Digital Currency Can Decrease Financial Friction In African Markets (Payment Week), Rated: AAA

Frame 48, a creative collective specializing in film and commercial production, in collaboration with Dash, the top digital currency for payments, has announced the launch of Starting From Scratch, a documentary centered on how blockchain technology and digital currency can help improve the chaotic economic environment in Zimbabwe. The project was funded by Dash’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a group of Masternode holders that vote to fund proposals with Dash’s treasury. The documentary focuses specifically on Kuvacash, a Dash-powered money system designed to provide Zimbabwe with its first-ever peer-to-peer localized digital currency payment service for anyone with a mobile phone-number.  By accelerating the adoption of digital currency, Kuvacash and Dash are providing a viable solution to Zimbabwe’s current crippling cash crisis.

Akon is creating a futuristic city and cryptocurrency in Senegal (WFMZ), Rated: A

Rapper Akon is building a new futuristic ‘Crypto city,’ in Senegal, which will trade exclusively in his own digital cash currency called AKoin.

The US-born singer, who is of Senegalese descent, says his futuristic city will be built on a 2,000-acre land gifted to him by the President of Senegal, Macky Sall.

Caribbean/North Atlantic

Blockchain-based video startup TaTaTu claims to have raised $ 575M in initial coin offering (Silicon Angle), Rated: AAA

TaTaTu Enterprises Ltd., a blockchain-based video startup that rewards users for watching and sharing videos, claims it has raised $575 million via an initial coin offering of TTU, making it the third-largest ICO on record behind Telegram and Block.one.

The company, founded by Italian-Canadian film producer Andrea Iervolino, is difficult to describe because it is an amalgam of different ideas, not a “Blockchain Netflix” as some sites have described it.

Bahamas’ Central Bank Set to Introduce a Digital Currency (CCN), Rated: A

The country’s Deputy Prime Minister who also doubles up as Minister of Finance, K. Peter Turnquest, announced during the recently held ‘The Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference’ that a pilot digital currency will be introduced by the Central Bank of The Bahamas.


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